Everything You Need to Know about The 3 Hour Diet

Diet & Weightloss ProgramsThis particular diet program is the exact opposite of those that includes extreme fasting. The 3 Hour diet has been formulated by fitness expert Jorge Cruise wherein it requires the person to eat 5 times a day which also includes a tiny dessert. All types of foods even those with sweets and carbs can be eaten as long as you follow the timetable for it. According to Cruise, consuming small and balanced meals every 3 hours will boost your body’s ability to burn fat.

Diets that include extreme fasting will put your body into the “starvation protection” mode wherein it stores fat, conserve calories and burn muscle for energy. But with the 3 hour diet, you constantly reset your metabolism thus maintaining its function and have the ability to burn fat all throughout the day.

The rules for the meal timing with this diet are:

  1. Eat breakfast 1 hour after getting up.
  2. You must eat every 3 hours after breakfast.
  3. Don’t eat 3 hours before bedtime.

Every time you eat, make sure to maintain your consumption to the recommended portion sizes. For meals, it must average up to 400 calories, dessert up to 50 calories and snacks up to 100 calories which gives you a total of 1,450 calories a day.

If you maintain this diet, it will result into your body dropping up to 10lbs during the first 2 weeks and another 2lbs a week after that. This program won’t also cause you to lose any fat-burning muscle tissues.

This diet will curb your levels of cortisol AKA the stress hormone and will even make your belly flat in the process. It is sure that you won’t go hungry with this diet and will have more energy because the time period of eating will make the levels of your blood sugar on a steady state.

Some dos and don’ts in eating

For this diet, bad foods are not an issue but you should definitely watch out for bad portion sizes. This means that you are free to eat anything you want even if it has carbs, sweets and other things as long as you limit the calorie intake and follow the recommended intervals.

Despite eating any food that you want, Cruise would usually recommend to indulge mostly in lean proteins and extra-virgin olive oil or flaxseed oil.

Some precautions

Just like any diet program you plan to strictly follow, it would be best to consult with your doctor first especially if you have some health issues. Also, it would be best not to rely on the program alone but also incorporate some good exercises with it.


If you are looking to lose weight by following a strict diet but don’t want to go to extremes by starving yourself then this program is a good fit for you. However, this diet won’t do well if you are advanced in exercising since the intake of nutrients may not be enough to supplement your workout. Just follow the ones which will be a good sync to the amounts of carbs, fats and proteins that you take with the help of this program.